Author Interview: Evangeline Rain

1) What inspired you to write?

Started out with fan fiction from movies mainly. Many times I wanted a side character to have their own story or I wanted a different outcome for the main characters. The urge to create is especially strong when I feel the romance or relationship development between the characters weren’t enough for me, like Rey and Kylo, Tauriel and Kili etc

2) Are you a reader? What are some of your favorites?

I’m an avid reader. I read hundreds of books before I actually gathered to courage to try my hand at writing. I have too many one-click everything authors to name, but my favorite genre is UF romance. 

3) What is your newest work, and what is going to happen in the future?

I’ve just published Book 2 of my Sci Fi Romance series and I’m working on Book 3. There after I’ll write the Book 2 of my Chinese Historical Romance. If my brain is still working after this, I’ll try my hand at expanding a short paranormal romance I wrote or a contemporary romcom.

4) Do you have advice or tips for Indie Authors?

With just 3 books, I’m not there yet to give any advice, but do join 20bookto50K group in FB. The people inside are most helpful.

5) What influenced you as a writer?

World issues. As a literature student, I learned how writing can bring about the awareness of the ills of the society. I think inevitably, my work reflects on my environment and how I perceive the future, even though my main genre is romance.  

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