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All my review from Amazon! Makes me proud!!!! Being an indie author is heartwarming! Land of the Four Series is avaliable on Amazon and Kindle unlimited #bookrecommendations📚❣️ #amazon#indieauthor#reviews#tantan#greenscreen #indieauthorsoftiktok #booktok

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Land of the Four Series

The precious first fantasy series I wrote and created! Prince no more is my novella before Ella begins. #booktok #fantasy #tiktokauthor #dragons #bookrecommendations #bookworm #books


My precious first fantasy series I wrote and created! Prince no more is my novella befofe Ella begins. #booktok #fantasy #tiktokauthor #dragons #bookrecommendations #bookworm #books

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Almost 20 reviews for PRINCE NO MORE

Blurb: Arabella is a girl of high standing, and her father wants her to marry someone she barely knows. But she wants to be someone more than just a member of the court. With the help of some new friends and her curiosity, will she get her to wish to become what she wants, or will there be barriers along the way.


Want to read before Ella?

Read the short story of the former prince.. Dain…his life before he became the mentor to Liam.

Blurb: Dain is a prince and did not know about what the responsibilities are when it comes to being a king. Having been in love with someone that does not want him. It leads to him being distracted that much happens in the process. Dain faces many obstacles until he figures out what his destiny is in the end.


Free book giveaway starting wednesday!

Starting Wednesday! Free book giveaway! To the prequel before Ella! Blurb: Seven years after becoming king of Derzeli, and King Liam believed his life is perfect. When his father in law comes and ask him for a favor. It leads him to go to a place he never thought he would go to. Meeting the brother of one of his mortal enemies. But it all leads to another adventure where he has to make a decision on what is best for his kingdom. Giving him the strength to close the door on something from his past once, and for all.