Author Spotlight: Joyce Licorish

Joyce Licorish is the youngest of 7 daughters and mother of 2 beautiful daughters and 1 rambunctious son. She recently married film actor Jerome Davis. She was born and raised in the inner-city of Indianapolis, where she was bussed to a primarily white school and saw early on the effects of discrimination and racism.

Joyce, singer, actress, plus model and playwright, takes a turn toward another creative vein as the author of the Heirloom Trilogy – The Forgotten Timepiece, The Forbidden Ring, The Lost Locket. Her debut novel The Forgotten Timepiece shot up to #1 on Amazon in 3 categories.

Best Historical Fiction, Best African American Sci-Fi and Fantasy.

Best known for her direction/production of Oprah Winfrey’s Color Purple Tour, her powerhouse vocal abilities and stage acting, she takes a step away from the microphone and stage towards the pen to create her debut series of novels.


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SeRina, an adopted, beautiful, rebellious and assumingly white teenager goes on the quest to find her biological family after tragedy strikes. On her journey, she is shocked to find out her true heritage. After an encounter with her eccentric newly-discovered grandmother, she is mysteriously transported from the year 2009 to the antebellum South in 1859 where she finds herself chained to an ancestral past that she never knew. There she runs into familiar faces from home, but she is remembered by no one. In 2009, she had seen but dismissed the struggle of blacks and thought the slavery narratives were almost a bit comical and over exaggerated with their rehearsed agony. But to be an arm’s length away from the horror, to smell the fear and see the sweat dripping from his brow, to watch the strong rigid body of a man she had drawn so close to go limp from submission, devastated her in ways that she could not explain.
Torn between times, love survival, conformity, and resistance, SeRina is determined to return home, but how? Lodged in 1859 living the life of a slave instead of her life of luxury, “Freedom”, the once insignificant, simple and presupposed word now held a new value in her mind, and she wondered if she would ever taste it again.


5.0 out of 5 starsThis Author will be the talk of the country!

September 9, 2018″New author Joyce Licorish is going to be the talk of the country.  Her new book will leave you not wanting to put it down!”
NY Times Best Selling Author – JL King

5.0 out of 5 starsThe Must Read Book of the Year

An incredible and honest look at the painful ramifications of family secrets. I loved how this novel perfectly illustrates the realness of America’s history with racism in a fresh new way. Excellent read…actually, it’s a necessary read.

5.0 out of 5 starsAn Unforgettable Read

I love to read and this book checks all the boxes for me. Struggles, triumph, love… The tragic undercurrent of racism plaguing our country is artfully woven into the fabric of this novel. With a unique sci-fi twist, and a startling finale, this book will keep you up past your usual bedtime. The echoes of the characters will stay with you long after you read the last page.

5.0 out of 5 starsLearn to be true to yourself and thankful

At initial glance you might think this book is about slavery, but it much more. The author’s character development will make you laugh and cry. The themes through the book include integrity, perseverance, kindness, unconditional love, gratitude and truly looking inside yourself and embracing the past, present and future. It was also a great reminder that we are all human navigating life the best we can everyday, so have compassion for our fellow human beings and do not pass judgement on others for superficial reasons. Great story! Couldn’t put it down once the time travel began!

Check out Michael Garvin!

A Faithful Son is an award-winning, dazzling debut and genre-defying novel.

“…A Faithful Son is bound to be an all-time classic and reader’s favorite….” San Francisco Book Review

This captivating coming of age tale chronicles the life of Zach Nance, a young man struggling to find his place in an ever-shifting world and the zany cast of local characters who help him come to an understanding of himself and the secret he harbors.

The small town of Durango, Colorado provides the rural backdrop for Garvin’s masterful novel. A hunky traveling carnie, an eccentric gaggle of pious church spinsters, a flirty drag queen, and Jesus Christ, himself, all make appearances within the pages of this endearing novel.

After tragedy befalls the Nance’s, Zach’s close-knit family unravels. He vows to protect his beloved mother and sister from the fallout of his troubled father’s choices — forcing young Zach to redefine his loyalties, his faith and his own destiny.

A beautiful and heartrending tale in the grand tradition of To Kill A Mockingbird and The Help.

A Faithful Son captures life’s bittersweet journey through lost innocence, sacrifice, and self-discovery, treating readers to a compassionate story of enduring hope.

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Virtual Tour: Part 2

The World of Sanctum

Every faith has a story of how the world ends. It’s hardcoded in their mythologies. But when the end of the universe actually happened, it was unlike anything ANY of them predicted. Those Divine beings who survived the Reaping crafted a place of survival for their people and ushered them to safety.

Gone are the once glorious civilizations of myth and legend. Gone are the heroes of ancient days: Hippolyta, Beowulf, Gilgamesh, Cleopatra, and Arthur. Their stories are the foundations of civilizations seeking to rebuild in the wake of destruction. Here are peoples of myth made real, some crafted from the clay of this new world; others pulled from the dreams and nightmares of the old. Human and Orc, Dwarf and Fae. Here, The Divine have taken a personal and vested interest in the Realm. These are the last of their followers.

For 5000 years the survivors of the Reaping have tried to reassemble some shadow of the former glory that was once their respective civilizations. Cultures war with one another seeking supremacy and control while their chosen Divine continue their ancient battles in the heavens still. The names they possessed when they came here have been lost to time; but their position and function… for those who have survived… remain.

All the while they watch the moonless sky for portents signaling that catastrophe has come once more.

Welcome to Sanctum

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Description: “There is no choosing between lesser evils. Both must fall to the sword.”

When they left Avalon, it was in search of adventure.

Now Reynard is dead, and Ser Isolde is trapped in a strange land with no way home. Duty and honour drive her to complete Reynard’s quest beneath the sands. But Setesh is nothing like her mystical realm of Avalon, and Ser Isolde will have to befriend another if she is to survive. Isolde just never expected it to be an orc.

Pledged to the service of the Radiant Lord, Orc Priest Tulok is assigned the duty of aiding this foreign knight see her quest to its bitter end. For there are more dangers in these sands than scorpions and blistering heat. Not only will the unlikely pair have to overcome the fierce wilds of Setesh and their own differences, but the dangerous Divine of the world of Sanctum still walk the lands, and they have taken a vested interest in the knight and her orc companion.