Samantha Evans

Fantasy, Adventure…thats the way.

  • Almost done!!!!

    February 7, 2020 by

    My SECOND….and yes I mean SECOND book is just a few days away from publication. This is beyond amazing.

  • Ode to the Grayson

    April 7, 2021 by

    A Sonnet by Samantha Evans My smart Grayson, you inspire me to write.How I love the way you jump, smile and run,Invading my mind day and through the night,Always dreaming about the electron gun. Let me compare you to a good clover?You are more solid, amusing and sharp.Keen storms whip the twiglets of October,And autumntime… Read more

  • Newest book: The Dragon Master! Out May 3rd on Amazon!

    March 31, 2021 by

    Fantasy needs its here….my newest book. To be released on May 3rd!!!! Blurb: Arabella is a girl of high standing, and her father wants her to marry someone she barely knows. But she wants to be someone more than just a member of the court. With the help of some new friends and her curiosity,… Read more

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